FinTech Skillsets

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FinTech Skillsets?

FinTech Skillsets is a portal that provides training courses to develop Applied Skills for Finance and Technology Professionals (see About for further information). An initial series of training courses is available to support the roll out of Compliance by Design with the objective of developing a Business Analyst skillset for Finance and Technology Professionals who works with Regulatory requirements.

What is Compliance by Design?

Compliance by Design is a new approach to managing Regulatory obligations that is aligned to the specific needs of each Regulated Entity. It delivers a Single Rulebook for a Regulated Entity with a complete set of regulatory obligations, cross referenced to operational processes.

What is in the Single Rulebook?

The Single Rulebook is organized by Regulatory Themes and contains an index with a record for each regulatory document. It includes a link to the source document and is presented as a tree view to allow you easily navigate all of the documents – directives, regulations, technical standards, statutory instruments, acts, guidance, thematic reviews etc.

What level of detail is in the Single Rulebook?

The Single Rulebook provides a digital library with a copy of the source document. It allows you to complete a line-by-line analysis to identify each regulatory obligation. The documents in the library are supported with functionality in a cloud App to allow you to easily share content and collaborate with team members.

What does the functionality in the Elements App allow me to do?

For each document in the library, you can identify stakeholders, allocate responsibility, chat with team members to clarify requirements, create a dependency tree to connect documents to regulatory obligations, link blogs from legal advisors and consultants, create data tables to capture the results of an impact assessment, cross-reference requirements to process activities, create requirements and user stories to update systems.

What are Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)?

SOPs are used to establish the step-by-step activities that need to be followed to consistently deliver products and services to customers. High-quality SOPs, use process-flows, are fully referenced, and serve multiple purposes:

    • Training. SOPs are used to training Operations and Support Function team members on policies and procedures.
    • Systems. SOPs are functional specifications used to build or select systems to automate activities.
    • Outsourcing. SOPs provide clarity on the processes that have been delegated, including deliverables and service level agreements.
    • Compliance. SOPs provide evidence of compliance with regulatory obligations.
    • Oversight. SOPs connect the activities of the Governance, Management and Operations teams to demonstrate effective oversight.

An Operating Model is a collection of SOPs that that is focused on the end customer and connects the lifecycle of activities.

What other functionality is available in the Elements App?

      In addition to the functionality to support documentation described above, the App has modules to help you build process-flows, manage reference data, manage meta data, and support systems change management. It is accessible to any Regulated business type from small scale specialist businesses to large scale enterprises who need to manage global operations and complex technology assets. It includes audit trial, release management and reporting functionality.

Is training that helps me to use the Elements App?

The Applied Regulatory Analyst Training Course uses regulatory case studies to train people on how to use the functionality. The object of the courses is to develop a Business Analyst skillset for Finance and Technology Professional who work with Regulatory requirements.